business VIDEOS for the web

We specialize in producing videos that capture the passion, purpose, and uniqueness of locally owned businesses & organizations.

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what does video marketing do?

  • Creates instant rapport, credibility, and generates quality leads

  • Shoppers who view video are 1.8x more likely to make a purchase

  • Video increases understanding of your product or service by 74%

  • 46% of website visitors who watch video stay longer

  • 52% of online marketing professionals name video as “Best ROI”


Click image for example video webpage

Click image for example video webpage

  • 60-90 second video on your site

  • Experienced filmmakers

  • Filming at 1 or more locations

  • Interviews and/or voice-over

  • Royalty free background music

  • Motion graphics

  • Editing and edit revisions

  • Custom branded video player

  • Guaranteed playback on all devices

  • Viewing analytics via monthly emails




  • A confirmation email is sent with a pre-shoot checklist to help you prepare and outline your objectives.

  • All questions and concerns are addressed before the shoot, so you are confident and prepared.


DAy of the SHOOt

  • On the day of your scheduled shoot, a filmmaker will arrive at the appointed time.

  • The filmmaker will conduct a brief consultation and go through the pre-shoot checklist with you. They will then have you sign the necessary releases for your video.

  • The business owner or spokesperson is interviewed. A scripted voice-over can be used instead, or in addition to the interview.

  • Different parts of your business will be filmed and/or services shown to illustrate what is being spoken to during the interview/voice-over.


After the shoot

  • Video is ready for your review within 15 business days from the shoot date.

  • Review your video in our online screening room and submit edit revision requests, if needed.

Use our contact page to get a quote or simply call us! We'd love to hear from you. If you need someone to help you with your website, we do that too!